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Flight MFC25851

  • Submitted By: Georg Werderitsch
  • Departure Airport: Stikine Research Camp 3 (SRC3)
  • Arrival Airport: Bronson Creek (CAB5)
  • Aircraft: BELL 205 (N025MM)
  • Flight Time: 00.47.26
  • Date Submitted: 2019/02/10
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(10 load / $ 0.00 per unit
$ 0.00
Fuel Cost:
(54.4311 fuel used @ 0 / unit)
$ 0.00

Additional Log Information:

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FS[08:44] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[08:44] Cigar Box -
FS[08:44] FS: FSX
FS[08:44] FSUIPC: v4,973
FS[08:44] Flight Number: MFC25851
FS[08:44] FS Aircraft: Dodosim 206 FSX N040MM L
FS[08:44] FS Model: helicopter
FS[08:44] FS Type: JetRanger
FS[08:44] Departure: SRC3
FS[08:44] Arrival: CAB5
FS[08:44] Flight Level: 7500
FS[08:44] Flight Type: H
FS[08:44] Passengers: 10
FS[08:44] FOB: 414 lbs
FS[08:44] Gate: n/a
FS[08:44] NOTE: Parking Brake Ignored
FS[08:44] Crash Detection: Disabled
FS[08:44] Crash Detection Aircraft: Disabled
FS[08:44] Engines: 1 Helo
FS[08:44] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[08:44] Engine 1: Started
FS[08:44] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[08:44] Light Data: Instrument lights ON
FS[08:44] Main Door Closed
FS[08:44] COM1: 128.30
FS[08:44] COM2: 127.80
FS[08:44] Transponder: 1200
FS[08:44] NAV1: 113.70
FS[08:44] NAV2: 110.60
FS[08:44] ADF1: 284.0
FS[08:44] ADF2: 240.0
FS[08:44] Navigation Mode: NAV
FS[08:45] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[08:45] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[08:46] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[08:46] GS: 31 knots
FS[08:46] TAS: 39 knots
FS[08:46] IAS: 36 knots
FS[08:46] VS: 362 fpm
FS[08:46] FOB: 410 lbs
FS[08:46] Heading: 354°
FS[08:46] Pitch: 13°
FS[08:46] Bank: 0°
FS[08:46] Aircraft Weight: 2350,89 lbs
FS[08:46] Nearest Airport: SRC3
FS[08:46] Distance: 0,16 miles
FS[08:46] Runway: ???
FS[08:46] Ground Surface: Grass Bumpy
FS[08:46] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[08:46] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[08:46] Wind Heading: 350°
FS[08:46] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[08:46] OAT: 2° C
FS[08:46] TAT: 2° C
FS[08:46] Precipitation: Heavy Rain
FS[08:46] Dew Point: 1° C
FS[08:46] Visibility: 32 miles
FS[08:46] METAR: No METAR available for SRC3.
FS[08:46] NOTE: Climb started
FS[08:48] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[08:48] Landing Rate: -578,25 fpm
FS[08:48] GS: 0 knots
FS[08:48] TAS: 10 knots
FS[08:48] IAS: 9 knots
FS[08:48] VS: -559 fpm
FS[08:48] FOB: 406 lbs
FS[08:48] Heading: 13°
FS[08:48] Pitch: 0°
FS[08:48] Bank: 0°
FS[08:48] Aircraft Weight: 2346,48 lbs
FS[08:48] Nearest Airport: SRC3
FS[08:48] Distance: 1,95 miles
FS[08:48] Runway: ???
FS[08:48] Ground Surface: Grass Bumpy
FS[08:48] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[08:48] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[08:48] Wind Heading: 0°
FS[08:48] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[08:48] OAT: 3° C
FS[08:48] TAT: 4° C
FS[08:48] Precipitation: Heavy Rain
FS[08:48] Dew Point: 3° C
FS[08:48] Visibility: 32 miles
FS[08:48] METAR: No METAR available for CAB5.
FS[08:48] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[08:48] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[08:49] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[08:49] Engine 1: Started
FS[08:50] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[08:50] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[08:50] Light Data: Taxi lights OFF
FS[08:50] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[08:58] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:07] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[09:07] Landing Rate: -296,04 fpm
FS[09:07] GS: 3 knots
FS[09:07] TAS: 0 knots
FS[09:07] IAS: 0 knots
FS[09:07] VS: -296 fpm
FS[09:07] FOB: 363 lbs
FS[09:07] Heading: 156°
FS[09:07] Pitch: 0°
FS[09:07] Bank: 0°
FS[09:07] Aircraft Weight: 2303,47 lbs
FS[09:07] Nearest Airport: PTF4
FS[09:07] Distance: 6,50 miles
FS[09:07] Runway: ???
FS[09:07] Ground Surface: Urban
FS[09:07] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[09:07] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[09:07] Wind Heading: 358°
FS[09:07] Wind Speed: 20 knots
FS[09:07] OAT: 12° C
FS[09:07] TAT: 12° C
FS[09:07] Precipitation: None
FS[09:07] Dew Point: 11° C
FS[09:07] Visibility: 34 miles
FS[09:07] METAR: No METAR available for CAB5.
FS[09:07] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[09:08] Main Door Open
FS[09:11] Main Door Closed
FS[09:12] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[09:14] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:32] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[09:32] Landing Rate: -49,21 fpm
FS[09:32] GS: 0 knots
FS[09:32] TAS: 10 knots
FS[09:32] IAS: 10 knots
FS[09:32] VS: -49 fpm
FS[09:32] FOB: 294 lbs
FS[09:32] Heading: 30°
FS[09:32] Pitch: 1°
FS[09:32] Bank: 2°
FS[09:32] Aircraft Weight: 2234,87 lbs
FS[09:32] Nearest Airport: CAB5
FS[09:32] Distance: 0,12 miles
FS[09:32] Runway: 3 - CAB5
FS[09:32] Ground Surface: Forest
FS[09:32] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[09:32] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[09:32] Wind Heading: 3°
FS[09:32] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[09:32] OAT: 11° C
FS[09:32] TAT: 11° C
FS[09:32] Precipitation: None
FS[09:32] Dew Point: 11° C
FS[09:32] Visibility: 34 miles
FS[09:32] METAR: No METAR available for CAB5.
FS[09:32] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[09:32] Gate: n/a
FS[09:32] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[09:32] FS Aircraft: Dodosim 206 FSX N040MM L
FS[09:32] FS Model: helicopter
FS[09:32] FS Type: JetRanger
FS[09:32] FOB: 294 lbs
FS[09:32] Fuel Used: 120 lbs
FS[09:32] Flight Time: 00:47:25
FS[09:32] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:09:54
FS[09:32] Flight Time (Day): 00:37:32
FS[09:32] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[09:32] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[09:32] Total Landings: 3
FS[09:32] MaxSim Rate: 0x
FS[09:32] Cigar Box -
FS[09:32] ----- Flight Closed -----


Commenter Comment
Georg Werderitsch Hi, habe nun alles gefunen was man braucht mache den Flug noch einmal.
Norm Richards Very Good Georg. Hope you are enjoying the flights. They are better with the scenery. Norm

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