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Flight MFC8841

  • Submitted By: Thomas Menzel
  • Departure Airport: Bowser Lake Airstrip (PF06)
  • Arrival Airport: Iskut Village (CBU2)
  • Aircraft: DHC2 BEAVER (N001MM)
  • Flight Time: 00.51.25
  • Date Submitted: 19/01/12
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(24 load / $ 75.00 per unit
$ 1, 800.00
Fuel Cost:
(340.648 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 1, 737.30

Additional Log Information:

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FS[10:50] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[10:50] Cigar Box -
FS[10:50] FS: Prepar3D V4
FS[10:50] FSUIPC: v5.14
FS[10:50] Flight Number: MFC8841
FS[10:50] FS Aircraft: Basler BT-67 Misty Moorings
FS[10:50] FS Model: DC3
FS[10:50] FS Type: Basler
FS[10:50] Departure: PF06
FS[10:50] Arrival: CBU2
FS[10:50] Flight Level: 6500
FS[10:50] Flight Type: H
FS[10:50] Passengers: 24
FS[10:50] FOB: 7984 lbs
FS[10:50] Gate: n/a
FS[10:50] Crash Detection: Disabled
FS[10:50] Engines: 2 Turboprop
FS[10:50] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[10:50] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[10:50] Engine 1: Started
FS[10:50] Engine 2: Started
FS[10:50] Flaps: Position 1
FS[10:50] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[10:50] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[10:50] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[10:50] Light Data: Strobe lights ON
FS[10:50] Main Door Closed
FS[10:50] COM1: 128.30
FS[10:50] COM2: 127.80
FS[10:50] Transponder: 1200
FS[10:50] NAV1: 113.70
FS[10:50] NAV2: 110.60
FS[10:50] ADF1: 284.0
FS[10:50] ADF2: 240.0
FS[10:50] Navigation Mode: GPS
FS[10:50] Navigation Mode: GPS
FS[10:50] Parking Brake: Released
FS[10:50] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[10:51] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[10:51] GS: 64 knots
FS[10:51] TAS: 64 knots
FS[10:51] IAS: 65 knots
FS[10:51] VS: 3 fpm
FS[10:51] FOB: 7971 lbs
FS[10:51] Heading: 33°
FS[10:51] Pitch: 10°
FS[10:51] Bank: 0°
FS[10:51] Aircraft Weight: 31331.04 lbs
FS[10:51] Nearest Airport: PF06
FS[10:51] Distance: 0.11 miles
FS[10:51] Runway: ???
FS[10:51] Ground Surface: Gravel
FS[10:51] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[10:51] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[10:51] Wind Heading: 338°
FS[10:51] Wind Speed: 0 knots
FS[10:51] OAT: -6° C
FS[10:51] TAT: -5° C
FS[10:51] Precipitation: None
FS[10:51] Dew Point: -9° C
FS[10:51] Visibility: 11 miles
FS[10:51] METAR: No METAR available for PF06.
FS[10:51] NOTE: Climb started
FS[10:51] Landing Gear: Retracted
FS[10:51] GS: 79 knots
FS[10:51] TAS: 78 knots
FS[10:51] IAS: 80 knots
FS[10:51] VS: 213 fpm
FS[10:51] AGL: 43 ft
FS[10:51] AMSL: 1279 ft
FS[10:51] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[10:51] AGL: 56 ft
FS[10:51] AMSL: 1289 ft
FS[10:51] Flaps: Position 0
FS[10:51] GS: 81 knots
FS[10:51] TAS: 81 knots
FS[10:51] IAS: 83 knots
FS[10:51] VS: 358 fpm
FS[10:51] Light Data: Landing lights OFF
FS[10:51] AGL: 131 ft
FS[10:51] AMSL: 1338 ft
FS[10:51] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[10:53] Transponder: 7000
FS[11:02] NOTE: TOC reached
FS[11:02] NOTE: Cruise started
FS[11:02] GS: 161 knots
FS[11:02] TAS: 158 knots
FS[11:02] IAS: 141 knots
FS[11:02] VS: 199 fpm
FS[11:02] FOB: 7743 lbs
FS[11:02] Heading: 309°
FS[11:02] Pitch: 3°
FS[11:02] Bank: 0°
FS[11:02] Aircraft Weight: 31103.99 lbs
FS[11:08] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:19] Flaps: Position 2
FS[11:19] GS: 138 knots
FS[11:19] TAS: 137 knots
FS[11:19] IAS: 123 knots
FS[11:19] VS: 565 fpm
FS[11:20] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[11:20] AGL: 3917 ft
FS[11:20] AMSL: 6791 ft
FS[11:21] NOTE: TOD reached
FS[11:21] NOTE: Descent started
FS[11:21] GS: 116 knots
FS[11:21] TAS: 113 knots
FS[11:21] IAS: 105 knots
FS[11:21] VS: -954 fpm
FS[11:21] FOB: 7475 lbs
FS[11:21] Heading: 332°
FS[11:21] Pitch: 1°
FS[11:21] Bank: 0°
FS[11:21] Aircraft Weight: 30834.59 lbs
FS[11:21] NOTE: On approach
FS[11:23] Flaps: Position 1
FS[11:23] GS: 128 knots
FS[11:23] TAS: 127 knots
FS[11:23] IAS: 123 knots
FS[11:23] VS: -489 fpm
FS[11:23] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:23] Flaps: Position 0
FS[11:23] GS: 134 knots
FS[11:23] TAS: 132 knots
FS[11:23] IAS: 129 knots
FS[11:23] VS: -762 fpm
FS[11:25] Flaps: Position 1
FS[11:25] GS: 130 knots
FS[11:25] TAS: 128 knots
FS[11:25] IAS: 125 knots
FS[11:25] VS: 48 fpm
FS[11:30] COM1: 123.20
FS[11:31] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:32] Flaps: Position 2
FS[11:32] GS: 112 knots
FS[11:32] TAS: 111 knots
FS[11:32] IAS: 108 knots
FS[11:32] VS: -19 fpm
FS[11:38] Landing Gear: Extended
FS[11:38] GS: 155 knots
FS[11:38] TAS: 153 knots
FS[11:38] IAS: 149 knots
FS[11:38] VS: -188 fpm
FS[11:38] AGL: 1034 ft
FS[11:38] AMSL: 3996 ft
FS[11:38] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[11:38] AGL: 1007 ft
FS[11:38] AMSL: 3986 ft
FS[11:38] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[11:38] AGL: 797 ft
FS[11:38] AMSL: 3835 ft
FS[11:39] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[11:39] AGL: 476 ft
FS[11:39] AMSL: 3727 ft
FS[11:40] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[11:40] Landing Rate: -69.97 fpm
FS[11:40] GS: 66 knots
FS[11:40] TAS: 68 knots
FS[11:40] IAS: 67 knots
FS[11:40] VS: -68 fpm
FS[11:40] FOB: 7240 lbs
FS[11:40] Heading: 103°
FS[11:40] Pitch: 12°
FS[11:40] Bank: 0°
FS[11:40] Aircraft Weight: 30599.86 lbs
FS[11:40] Nearest Airport: CBU2
FS[11:40] Distance: 0.41 miles
FS[11:40] Runway: 9 - CBU2
FS[11:40] Ground Surface: Forest
FS[11:40] Ground Condition: Snow
FS[11:40] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[11:40] Wind Heading: 128°
FS[11:40] Wind Speed: 3 knots
FS[11:40] OAT: -4° C
FS[11:40] TAT: -3° C
FS[11:40] Precipitation: None
FS[11:40] Dew Point: -17° C
FS[11:40] Visibility: 29 miles
FS[11:40] METAR: No METAR available for CBU2.
FS[11:40] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[11:40] Reverse Thrust Started: 56 knots
FS[11:40] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[11:41] Reverse Thrust Stopped: 7 knots
FS[11:41] Flaps: Position 0
FS[11:41] NOTE: Arrived
FS[11:41] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[11:42] Gate: n/a
FS[11:42] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[11:42] FS Aircraft: Basler BT-67 Misty Moorings
FS[11:42] FS Model: DC3
FS[11:42] FS Type: Basler
FS[11:42] FOB: 7233 lbs
FS[11:42] Fuel Used: 751 lbs
FS[11:42] Flight Time: 00:51:25
FS[11:42] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:00:00
FS[11:42] Flight Time (Day): 00:51:25
FS[11:42] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[11:42] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[11:42] Total Landings: 1
FS[11:42] MaxSim Rate: 0x
FS[11:42] Cigar Box -
FS[11:42] ----- Flight Closed -----

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