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Flight MFC33131

  • Submitted By: Ruberto Stutzer
  • Departure Airport: Kaltag (KAL)
  • Arrival Airport: Anvik (PANV)
  • Aircraft: DC-3 (N017AK)
  • Flight Time: 01.00.01
  • Date Submitted: 2019/02/25
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(26 load / $ 108.00 per unit
$ 2, 808.00
Fuel Cost:
(281.681 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 1, 436.57

Additional Log Information:

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FS[14:30] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[14:30] Cigar Box -
FS[14:30] FS: FSX
FS[14:30] FSUIPC: v4,973
FS[14:30] Flight Number: MFC33131
FS[14:30] FS Aircraft: Douglas C-47 VARIG PP-VBF
FS[14:30] FS Model: DC3
FS[14:30] FS Type: Douglas
FS[14:30] Departure: KAL
FS[14:30] Arrival: PANV
FS[14:30] Flight Level: 2500
FS[14:30] Flight Type: H
FS[14:30] Passengers: 26
FS[14:30] FOB: 2179 lbs
FS[14:30] Gate: 3 - KAL
FS[14:30] Crash Detection: Disabled
FS[14:30] Crash Detection Aircraft: Disabled
FS[14:30] Engines: 2 Piston
FS[14:30] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[14:30] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[14:30] Main Door Open
FS[14:30] COM1: 128.30
FS[14:30] COM2: 127.80
FS[14:30] Transponder: 1200
FS[14:30] NAV1: 113.70
FS[14:30] NAV2: 110.60
FS[14:30] ADF1: 284.0
FS[14:30] ADF2: 240.0
FS[14:30] Navigation Mode: NAV
FS[14:31] Main Door Closed
FS[14:32] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[14:32] Engine 1: Started
FS[14:33] Light Data: Strobe lights ON
FS[14:33] Engine 2: Started
FS[14:34] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[14:34] Light Data: Cabin lights ON
FS[14:35] COM1: 122.90
FS[14:36] NOTE: Pushing back
FS[14:36] Parking Brake: Released
FS[14:37] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[14:37] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[14:37] Light Data: Cabin lights OFF
FS[14:38] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[14:40] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[14:40] GS: 62 knots
FS[14:40] TAS: 58 knots
FS[14:40] IAS: 57 knots
FS[14:40] VS: 5 fpm
FS[14:40] FOB: 2161 lbs
FS[14:40] Heading: 24°
FS[14:40] Pitch: 10°
FS[14:40] Bank: 0°
FS[14:40] Aircraft Weight: 23691,66 lbs
FS[14:40] Nearest Airport: KAL
FS[14:40] Distance: 0,19 miles
FS[14:40] Runway: 3 - KAL
FS[14:40] Ground Surface: Gravel
FS[14:40] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[14:40] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[14:40] Wind Heading: 283°
FS[14:40] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[14:40] OAT: 17° C
FS[14:40] TAT: 17° C
FS[14:40] Precipitation: None
FS[14:40] Dew Point: 11° C
FS[14:40] Visibility: 49 miles
FS[14:40] METAR: KALB 252151Z 29026G43KT 10SM -SN BKN046 BKN065 M02/M11 A2991 RMK AO2 PK WND 28046/2056 SLP131 PCPN VRY LGT P0000 T10171106KALI 252153Z AUTO 11010KT 10SM SCT030 BKN040 OVC070 21/13 A3011 RMK AO2 SLP195 T02060133KALK 252156Z AUTO 28012G20KT 10SM CLR 17/M10 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP131 T01671100KALM 252215Z AUTO 16009G14KT 10SM CLR 19/M10 A3002 RMK AO2KALN 252145Z 10010KT 10SM SCT250 03/M06 A3039KALO 252154Z 36006KT 10SM OVC055 M14/M18 A3046 RMK AO2 SLP339 T11391183KALS 252152Z AUTO 35009KT 10SM CLR 02/M08 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP200 T00171078KALW 252204Z 18012KT 1SM R20/4500VP6000FT -SN BKN005 BKN016 OVC026 M03/M06 A2969 RMK AO2 P0000 T10281056KALX 252215Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM CLR 17/M06 A3037 RMK AO2 T01671059
FS[14:40] NOTE: Climb started
FS[14:40] Landing Gear: Retracted
FS[14:40] GS: 101 knots
FS[14:40] TAS: 97 knots
FS[14:40] IAS: 96 knots
FS[14:40] VS: 329 fpm
FS[14:40] AGL: 27 ft
FS[14:40] AMSL: 200 ft
FS[14:40] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[14:41] COM1: 127.00
FS[14:42] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[14:42] AGL: 2024 ft
FS[14:42] AMSL: 2125 ft
FS[14:42] NOTE: TOC reached
FS[14:42] NOTE: Cruise started
FS[14:42] GS: 145 knots
FS[14:42] TAS: 140 knots
FS[14:42] IAS: 135 knots
FS[14:42] VS: 199 fpm
FS[14:42] FOB: 2134 lbs
FS[14:42] Heading: 161°
FS[14:42] Pitch: 0°
FS[14:42] Bank: -6°
FS[14:42] Aircraft Weight: 23664,04 lbs
FS[14:42] NOTE: TOD reached
FS[14:42] NOTE: Descent started
FS[14:42] GS: 165 knots
FS[14:42] TAS: 159 knots
FS[14:42] IAS: 154 knots
FS[14:42] VS: -431 fpm
FS[14:42] FOB: 2132 lbs
FS[14:42] Heading: 171°
FS[14:42] Pitch: 1°
FS[14:42] Bank: -6°
FS[14:42] Aircraft Weight: 23662,10 lbs
FS[14:42] NOTE: On approach
FS[14:53] COM1: 135.70
FS[14:56] ADF1: 387.0
FS[14:56] ADF1: 365.0
FS[14:56] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[14:56] NAV1: 112.40
FS[15:10] FS: Paused
FS[15:10] FS: Unpaused
FS[15:11] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[15:12] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[15:12] AGL: 2320 ft
FS[15:12] AMSL: 2500 ft
FS[15:13] COM1: 122.90
FS[15:14] Flaps: Position 1
FS[15:14] GS: 165 knots
FS[15:14] TAS: 170 knots
FS[15:14] IAS: 168 knots
FS[15:14] VS: -1581 fpm
FS[15:15] Flaps: Position 2
FS[15:15] GS: 128 knots
FS[15:15] TAS: 135 knots
FS[15:15] IAS: 133 knots
FS[15:15] VS: -754 fpm
FS[15:15] Landing Gear: Extended
FS[15:15] GS: 126 knots
FS[15:15] TAS: 133 knots
FS[15:15] IAS: 131 knots
FS[15:15] VS: -709 fpm
FS[15:15] AGL: 587 ft
FS[15:15] AMSL: 636 ft
FS[15:15] Flaps: Position 3
FS[15:15] GS: 114 knots
FS[15:15] TAS: 122 knots
FS[15:15] IAS: 120 knots
FS[15:15] VS: -691 fpm
FS[15:15] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[15:15] Landing Rate: -397,55 fpm
FS[15:15] GS: 81 knots
FS[15:15] TAS: 88 knots
FS[15:15] IAS: 87 knots
FS[15:15] VS: -359 fpm
FS[15:15] FOB: 1694 lbs
FS[15:15] Heading: 341°
FS[15:15] Pitch: 2°
FS[15:15] Bank: 5°
FS[15:15] Aircraft Weight: 23224,31 lbs
FS[15:15] Nearest Airport: KGX
FS[15:15] Distance: 0,06 miles
FS[15:15] Runway: 33 - KGX
FS[15:15] Ground Surface: Gravel
FS[15:15] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[15:15] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[15:15] Wind Heading: 284°
FS[15:15] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[15:15] OAT: 17° C
FS[15:15] TAT: 18° C
FS[15:15] Precipitation: None
FS[15:15] Dew Point: 11° C
FS[15:15] Visibility: 49 miles
FS[15:15] METAR: PANV 251656Z AUTO 08006KT 10SM -SN SCT035 BKN050 OVC065 01/M03 A3011 RMK AO2 RAB51E55SNB55 SLP220 P0000 T00111028 FZRANO
FS[15:15] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[15:16] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[15:16] Flaps: Position 2
FS[15:16] Flaps: Position 0
FS[15:17] Light Data: Landing lights OFF
FS[15:17] Light Data: Taxi lights OFF
FS[15:17] NOTE: Arrived
FS[15:17] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[15:17] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[15:17] Engine 2: Stopped
FS[15:18] Light Data: Strobe lights OFF
FS[15:18] Light Data: Navigation OFF
FS[15:18] Light Data: Beacon OFF
FS[15:18] Main Door Open
FS[15:20] Main Door Closed
FS[15:21] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[15:22] Engine 1: Started
FS[15:22] Engine 2: Started
FS[15:23] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[15:23] Light Data: Strobe lights ON
FS[15:23] FS: Paused
FS[15:23] FS: Unpaused
FS[15:23] Parking Brake: Released
FS[15:23] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[15:28] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[15:28] COM1: 135.70
FS[15:31] Flaps: Position 1
FS[15:31] GS: 176 knots
FS[15:31] TAS: 174 knots
FS[15:31] IAS: 171 knots
FS[15:31] VS: -525 fpm
FS[15:31] Flaps: Position 2
FS[15:31] GS: 176 knots
FS[15:31] TAS: 175 knots
FS[15:31] IAS: 172 knots
FS[15:31] VS: -317 fpm
FS[15:32] COM1: 122.70
FS[15:35] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[15:35] Landing Rate: -293,74 fpm
FS[15:35] GS: 112 knots
FS[15:35] TAS: 108 knots
FS[15:35] IAS: 107 knots
FS[15:35] VS: -295 fpm
FS[15:35] FOB: 1564 lbs
FS[15:35] Heading: 160°
FS[15:35] Pitch: 0°
FS[15:35] Bank: 5°
FS[15:35] Aircraft Weight: 23094,79 lbs
FS[15:35] Nearest Airport: PANV
FS[15:35] Distance: 0,09 miles
FS[15:35] Runway: 17 - PANV
FS[15:35] Ground Surface: Gravel
FS[15:35] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[15:35] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[15:35] Wind Heading: 283°
FS[15:35] Wind Speed: 10 knots
FS[15:35] OAT: 17° C
FS[15:35] TAT: 18° C
FS[15:35] Precipitation: None
FS[15:35] Dew Point: 11° C
FS[15:35] Visibility: 49 miles
FS[15:35] METAR: PANV 251656Z AUTO 08006KT 10SM -SN SCT035 BKN050 OVC065 01/M03 A3011 RMK AO2 RAB51E55SNB55 SLP220 P0000 T00111028 FZRANO
FS[15:35] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[15:37] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[15:37] Light Data: Taxi lights OFF
FS[15:38] Light Data: Navigation OFF
FS[15:38] Light Data: Beacon OFF
FS[15:38] Light Data: Strobe lights OFF
FS[15:38] Flaps: Position 0
FS[15:38] Flaps: Position 1
FS[15:38] Flaps: Position 4
FS[15:38] Flaps: Position 0
FS[15:38] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[15:38] Engine 2: Stopped
FS[15:38] Engine 1: Started
FS[15:38] Engine 2: Started
FS[15:38] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[15:38] Engine 2: Stopped
FS[15:39] Gate: n/a
FS[15:39] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[15:39] FS Aircraft: Douglas C-47 VARIG PP-VBF
FS[15:39] FS Model: DC3
FS[15:39] FS Type: Douglas
FS[15:39] FOB: 1558 lbs
FS[15:39] Fuel Used: 621 lbs
FS[15:39] Flight Time: 01:00:01
FS[15:39] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:00:00
FS[15:39] Flight Time (Day): 01:00:01
FS[15:39] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[15:39] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[15:39] Total Landings: 2
FS[15:39] MaxSim Rate: 0x
FS[15:39] Cigar Box -
FS[15:39] ----- Flight Closed -----


Commenter Comment
Ruberto Stutzer And again: after a normal landing in Grayling, I could not retract the landing gear after taking off and I could not lower the flaps, to land here in Anvik.
Norm Richards Hmmm, don't understand what is happening. Check your controls - to confirm your settings are still set. Norm

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